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Foredom # 30 Handpieces

Foredom # 30 Handpieces

Rugged and versatile. Most popular handpiece for all round use. One of the most versatile in type of items it will hold. Very durable, yet one of the least expensive. Foredom's most popular handpiece features a geared 3 Jaw # 0 Jacobs chuck that takes any size shank accessory or drill bit up to 5/32" (4 mm). Comes with the CK-0 chuck key with molded plastic handle. Various bench top tools are available to work with the versatile No. 30. including Foredom's drill presses, and handpiece holder, and the Allset Stone Setting and other Kits.

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H.30Standard #30$78.62
PFM-04.001ProFlex Brand$35.38
34.367Grobet Brand$38.55
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