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In the early 1950's, Shor introduced America to a new kind of machine from Switzerland. It produced designs and backgrounds on wedding bands in seconds instead of the hours or days it used to take. And it did it better, more precisely and more perfectly than ever before! Within a few years, hand decorating of wedding bands had all but disappeared. We called this machine a faceting machine.

What can a faceting machine do? There exists today a wide variety of faceting machines and accessories. In principle, however, they all do the same thing- make highly precise geometric cuts into metal using diamond and carbide tools. Faceting machines are usually used to make geometric designs cut into the metal on a wide range of products, from nameplates to rings to bathroom faucets. However, some of the more sophisticated accessories do other things like cut eternity bands and some of the more sophisticated faceting machines do things like cutting settings for stones in wedding bands and bangles.

How do faceting machines work? You can think of a faceting machine as a very precise milling machine that has special holding and dividing devices and which cuts using diamond and carbide tools. Faceting machines are so precise that they use microscopes with graduated crosshairs to line up the work.

Horizontal faceting machines spin their tools horizontally. They make straight cuts, backgrounds and designs. The simple star pattern cut on a flat disk illustrated at the right is an example of a very simple cut made by a horizontal faceting machine.

Vertical faceting machines spin their tools vertically. They make circular or curved cuts backgrounds and designs. Vertical faceting machines, when used with a zig-zag attachment, can also do various zig-zag designs, backgrounds and cuts. The eternity ring illustrated at the leit is an example of a wedding ring cut into two with a zig-zag attachment.

Double head machines can make both straight and curved designs and backgrounds on the same piece. This cannot be done with separate horizontal and vertical machines because when a piece is transferred from one machine to second machine, the piece can never be perfectly realigned on the second machine. In addition, when the double head machines are used with a Shor P-2AMC divider, you can even drill stone settings! Automatic faceting machines are available in both horizontal and double head models. They are for very high production. Most sophisticated faceting machines today are much more technologically advanced than the early machines we first introduced to the Americas. However, the principle remains the same and our most popular faceting machines are not much different in design (and price!) from those early machines. Following are several of the various faceting machines that we offer. We also stocks many hundreds of accessories and parts for these and other faceting machines. Almost all accessories will fit almost all European made faceting machines.

The Shor MX Horizontal Faceting Machine is a simple horizontal faceting machine. It's built for us to the same exacting specifications by the same European manufacturer as the more expensive machines. But because it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the more sophisticated machines, it has a more modest price. The basic machine comes with a horizontal divider for rings but is also available with flat dividers, vises, etc. All the accessories that fit other horizontal machines will fit the Shor MX.

Shor MX Horizontal with diamond and carbide tools.....$5,995


The Shor M-1 Faceting Machine's design hasn't changed since the early 1970's when we had them first designed to our specifications. The M-1 is available in both vertical and horizontal models. In fact, the M-l is so flexible that the headstock can be changed from vertical to horizontal and back.

Shor M1 Horizontal Faceting Machine.....$9,995



The Shor M-15 Double Head Faceting Machine (right) is a very high production horizontal faceting machine. It's just like the M-1 horizontal except that it has both horizontal and vertical heads and has electronically controlled automatic faceting. Depending upon the pieces that are faceted, it can increase production speed by as much as 50 times (and it better increase production significantly if it's going to justify it's price!).

M-15 Double Head Electronic Faceting Machine.....$39,995

M-16 w/Pneumatically Controlled Tilting Quadrant..............$44,995