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    Wax Injectors

    • Our large capacity MasterWax Digital Injector holds up to 3 quarts (3 liters) of wax. The wax container is made of aluminum so it will obtain an even diffusion of heat. Comes complete with a hand pump for a self-contained air pressure unit.

      Pump can be removed for replacement with a compressed air line (recommended for highly consistent air pressure).Top rated pressure 21 psi.

      Temperature is controlled with a digital thermostat.Top temperature 80°C or 185°F

      Rugged and sturdy enough for production use. Power is 350 watts.Made in Italy. Weight 22 lbs. (10kg).110v only.

      $624.95 to $708.95

    • Rugged construction and precision engineering makes this wax injector practically maintenance free. Maximum are pressure at 20 lbs. Made in the United States.

      $820.00 to $1,030.00

    • Easy to install


      SKU: NZ-100

    • Ever have air bubbles in your wax but they weren't air bubbles, they were water bubbles? Water collects in compressors and, unless controlled, will end up in the wax pots and in the wax. The Shor Desiccant Filter removes the water before it can enter your wax injector. Just put the filter in your air line and you're all set. One desiccant filter is sufficient to handle 1-2 injectors.