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Valtitan 3-Square Needle Files (Knurled Handles)

Valtitan 3-Square Needle Files (Knurled Handles)

For platinum, stainless steel, exotic plastics and other hard to file materials. The hardest surface known

Rockwell hardness 72HRc. Best performance on hard-to-file surfaces. Little or no clogging, a simple knock is enough to remove the chips. Highly resistant to corrosion. Swiss made.

From $179.40

31.631Cut 210 cm.12$241.20
31.633Cut 014 cm.12$179.40
31.634Cut 214 cm.12$179.40
31.636Cut 414 cm.12$193.20
31.638Cut 016 cm.12$190.20
31.640Cut 216 cm.12$190.20
31.642Cut 416 cm.12$208.80
31.643Cut 616 cm.12$259.80
31.645Cut 020 cm.12$232.20
31.647Cut 220 cm.12$232.20
31.649Cut 420 cm.12$259.20
31.650Cut 620 cm.12$280.80
31.630Cut 010 cm.12$241.20
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