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American Pattern 3-Square

American Pattern 3-Square

The three square file is the file of choice by machinists, when filing angles more acute than 90 degrees, for cleaning out corners and filing taps and cutters.This triangular file is taped to the point. It can get into corners other files cannot. Swiss made.

Files come in Bastard Cut (00),2nd Cut (0), and Smooth Cut (2).

The 4", 6" and 8" files are sold (and priced) in packs of 12.   The 10" and 12" are sold (and priced) in packs of 6.

From $88.80

32.45501S2nd Cut4"12$118.80
32.45502SSmooth Cut4"12$118.80
32.455SBastard Cut4"12$118.80
32.456SBastard Cut6"12$147.00
32.460S2nd Cut6"12$163.20
32.464SSmooth Cut6"12$164.40
32.457SBastard Cut8"12$174.00
32.461S2nd Cut8"12$197.40
32.465SSmooth Cut8"12$207.60
32.458SBastard Cut10"6$108.30
32.462S2nd Cut10"6$117.30
32.466SSmooth Cut10"6$123.90
32.359Bastard Cut12"12$88.80
32.463S2nd Cut12"6$190.80
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