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    L&R Ultrasonics

    L&R Quantrex ultrasonic cleaning systems represent the most advanced technology in ultrasonic cleaning. The Quantrex machines offer increased power for greater cavitation, ore standard features and the most comprehensive warranty in the industry today.

    Quantrex systems are manufactured with vinyl-clad steel housings, stainless steel tanks, and only the highest quality components available. Each tank and body is carefully inspected for strength and durability. The contemporary design and quiet operation complement any environment.

    The Quantrex systems' standard features:

    - Stainless steel cover
    - Automatic tuning
    - Pilot light
    - DSA, LA, TUV, FTZ, GS Mark approval
    - Backed by double warranty- the entire unit is covered for defects in materials and workmanship for 2.5 years. The housing is warranted for 5 years and the tank-to-transducer bonding is covered for 10 years.

    The Quantrex 140 and larger machines are also equipped with:

    - Stainless steel, multiposition drain for easy solution disposal
    - 30 minute hold timer for presetting the cleaning cycle duration
    - Continuous cleaning cycle setting

    The Quantrex SweepZone ultrasonic technology

    Only available on machines marked "Sweep." The Quantrex machines that are labeled "Sweep", are very special machines. Sweep is a powerful force that will change the way you clean...forever. An aggressive cleaning action sweeps back and forth throughout the ultrasonic tank, or "SweepZone."

    Constant cleaning regardless of tank load, solution level or voltage fluctuations is a hallmark of SweepZone technology. It incorporates pulse width modulation, which automatically controls power to ensure that it never varies regardless of solution level, cleaning load or voltage fluctuations. The result is a powerful presence in the tank.

    You can actually see and hear the difference. The new sound of sweep reminds you that something different is taking place in the tank. Because the "smart Circuit" automatically moves the cleaning wave through the tank at 2kHz, you'll hear the sweeping action as the energy travels back and forth throughout the "SweepZone". This sound illustrates the consistent cleaning cycle that ensures "total cleaning".

    All SweepZone systems now incorporate a new AgION antimicrobial coated stainless steel housing. The AgION is a patented antimicrobial coating that has been proven to suppress the growth and migration of bacteria. The AgION antimicrobial coating is an advanced inorganic material containing silver ions. Together they form a safe and natural antimicrobial barrier. The silver ions are slowly released from the antimicrobial compound to the surface of the treated steel. This release provides continuous antimicrobial protection.

    • With Timer. 3.2 quart.


      SKU: 760

    • $2,348.80 to $100,268.55

    • All have silver alloyed tank for antibacterial action with a capacity of 4-1/4 Quart 11-3/4" x 6" x 4".

      $699.00 to $755.00

    • All have silver alloyed tank for antibacterial action. Each contain a capacity of 13 Quarts 15-1/2" x 9" x 6".

      $1,699.00 to $1,799.00

    • Want an ultrasonic that you can mount recessed into your countertop? We have it! Recessed ultrasonics complete with SweepZone technology.

      Recessing your ultrasonic into your countertop has many advantages:
      • Greater flexibility in the work environment
      • More usable counter space
      • Allows to "assembly line" cleaning operations where cleaning and speed are required
      • Much more attractive
      • Systems include SweepZone technology as standard

      $1,088.00 to $2,659.00