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Recessed Ultrasonics

Recessed Ultrasonics

Want an ultrasonic that you can mount recessed into your countertop? We have it! Recessed ultrasonics complete with SweepZone technology.

Recessing your ultrasonic into your countertop has many advantages:
  • Greater flexibility in the work environment
  • More usable counter space
  • Allows to "assembly line" cleaning operations where cleaning and speed are required
  • Much more attractive
  • Systems include SweepZone technology as standard

From $1,088.00

ag914Quantrex 150R w/ Time & Drain3-1/2 quarts95$1,088.00
ag915Quantrex 360R w/ Time & Drain14-1/2 quarts300$2,348.00
ag916Quantrex 310R w/ Time & Drain13 quarts400$2,114.00
ag917Quantrex 650R w/ Time & Drain26 quarts500$2,659.00
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