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Triple Duty Kraft Repair Envelopes

Triple Duty Kraft Repair Envelopes

Each numbered envelope has two numbered detachable stubs; one for the customer and the other for filing. Envelope measures 5-1/2" x 3-3/8 " x and is packed in 1,000 to a box. Also available with custom 3 line imprint (minimum imprint order 5,000). Cost for custom 3 line imprint in up to 3 places-$95 plate charge". Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of custom imprinted envelopes.


61.151011-1000Without Layaway$75.00
61.1521001-2000With Layaway$75.00
61.152011001-2000Without Layaway$75.00
61.1532001-3000With Layaway$75.00
61.153012001-3000Without Layaway$75.00
61.1543001-4000With Layaway$75.00
61.154013001-4000Without Layaway$75.00
61.1554001-5000With Layaway$75.00
61.155014001-5000Without Layaway$75.00
61.1565001-6000With Layaway$75.00
61.156015001-6000Without Layaway$75.00
61.1576001-7000With Layaway$75.00
61.157016001-7000Without Layaway$75.00
61.1587001-8000With Layaway$75.00
61.158017001-8000Without Layaway$75.00
61.1598001-9000With Layaway$75.00
61.159018001-9000Without Layaway$75.00
61.3609001-10000With Layaway$75.00
61.160019001-10000Without Layaway$75.00
61.1511-1000 With Layaway$75.00
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