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Top Quality Zip Bags

Top Quality Zip Bags

1000+ uses, such as customer orders, stones, parts, findings, displays etc. Each 2 mil thick bag has a unique locking feature to provide tight seal. Bags are available completely clear or with a white label block which will accept ball point pen or marker for making identification. Sold in boxes of 1000.

From $29.00

61.1212" x 3"Clear$31.30
61.1312" x 3"White Block$36.50
61.1223" x 4"Clear$44.85
61.1323" x 4"White Block$51.65
61.1233" x 5"Clear$42.95
61.1244" x 4"Clear$50.35
61.1254" x 6"Clear$61.85
61.1344" x 6"White Block$72.60
61.1305" x 7"Clear$81.70
61.1202" x 2"Clear$29.00
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