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Precious Metal Recovery from Washout

Shor invented washout recovery systems. Over the last few decades we've made significant improvements in component design, improved quality and, at the same time, brought prices down. Despite this, the basic design of our systems was so simple and effective, no one has been unable to improve on the basic design.
  • Shor FiltraGold

    An inexpensive but highly effective under-the-sink recovery system. This system utilizes two independent filtration devices:

    1. The first, a prefilter, is a reusable coarse filter. It captures large objects like gemstones and rings.

    2. The second filter is a replaceable, cotton-wound, 10-micron cylindrical filter. This filter is housed in a filter chamber. Since gravity doesn’t have enough force to push the water through the microscopic pores of this filter, the FiltraGold incorporates a powerful submersible pump.

    When the water level rises in the FiltraGold settling chamber, the pump’s integrated float switch activates, pushing the water through the filter. This filter captures all the particles of gold (down to 10 microns!) that would otherwise be lost down the drain. The filters are burnable to recover the gold.

    In the average jeweler’s shop, this unit usually pays for itself within a week.


    Just 1 cubic foot in size. Fits under virtually any sink. Perfect for the small- to medium-sized shop.

    Simple maintenance.

    Requires just 5 to 10 minutes a week to maintain. Replace the filter just once or twice a month at the cost of only $5-6.


    Experience virtually no losses. FiltraGold incorporates a 10 micron disposable filter.

    Quick set up.

    Setup time only takes 10 to 15 minutes, right out of the box.

    Recovers stones and rings.

    Items lost down the sink drain can be recovered easily and within seconds from FiltraGold's removable prefilter.

    Perfect for both small shops or large businesses.

    The FiltraGold refiner is tailored to small shops while also accounting for the demands of larger businesses.

    $499.95 to $599.00

  • Shor FiltraGold -- Replacement Filter

    Perfect for the small to medium sized shop.

    • Compact- Just 1 cubic foot in size. Fits under virtually any sink.
    • Easy maintenance- Just 5-10 minutes a week.
    • Efficient- Virtually no losses. Incorporates a 10 micron disposable filter.
    • Inexpensive- Just $499.
    • Inexpensive to maintain- Replace the filter just once or twice a month at a cost of only $5-6.
    • Easy setup- Normal setup time is just 10-15, right out of the box.
    • Stone & ring recovery- items lost down the sink drain can be recovered easily and within seconds from FiltraGold's removable prefilter.

    $8.95 to $39.95

  • Replacement Bombino Electrolytic Foil

    Replacement Bombino Electrolytic Foil



  • Bombino Recovery System

    Precious Metal Recovery from Cyanide Solutions

    Cyanide waters contain a surprising amount of gold. Even small amounts of solution (1 gallon, for example) are worth recovering the gold from. There are many ways to recover precious metals from cyanide waters (cyanide waters include bombing solutions, stripping solutions and plating solutions). Some of these methods include metallic ion exchange, resin ion exchange, chemical precipitation and electrolytic recovery. While the aforementioned solutions all work well, each have advantages and drawbacks.

    The Shor Bombino Recovery System

    This system is the simplest way to recover gold from cyanide waters. Simply clip your battery charger or rectifier to the Bombino, plug it in, and let it run overnight. You can run several gallons before you recover the gold (or just a few, if you prefer). To recover the gold, simply unscrew the top of the recovery chamber, remove the electrolytic foil, and melt. That's it. The Bombino includes a supply of Detection Pills and electrolytic foil.

    For instructions on the Shor Bombino Recovery System, please click here.



  • Replacement Gold Detection Pills

    Tests for the presence of dissolved gold in cyanide waters. Test is sensitive down to 4 parts of gold per million parts of water.



  • Zap-Trap Recovery Device

    Got an even more limited budget? The Zap-Trap is simple but very effective for catching stones, rings and similar items. The stainless steel rim and screen are heavy enough to stay put and the fine mesh catches the smallest of stones. Zap-Trap fits virtually any sink drain from 11/8" to 2-1/2" in diameter.


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