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Shor FiltraGold

This is a highly effective under-the-sink recovery system. This system utilizes 4 successive filtration devices:

In-sink screen filter-   It captures large objects like gemstones and rings.

Cloth pouch filter-  Captures grindings and similar sized materials that have passed through the screen filter.  The pouch also diffuses the water flow, reducing the tank water agitation.  This water flow diffusion encourages small particles to settle to the bottom of the tank.

Settling tank-  5 gallon tank.  The pump is mounted at the top of the tank.  This positioning of the pump encourages particles to settle to the bottom of the tank, while at the same time significantly reduces agitation of particles that are already settled.

10 micron filter-   Within the filter chamber is a replaceable, cotton-wound, 10-micron cylindrical filter.  Since gravity doesn’t have enough force to push the water through the microscopic pores of this filter, the FiltraGold incorporates a powerful submersible pump.  Max head for the standard pump is 10 ft. and 200 gph.   Max head for the double pump is 10 ft. at 300 gph.

When the water level rises in the FiltraGold settling chamber, the pump’s integrated float switch activates, pushing the water through the filter. This filter captures all the particles of gold (down to 10 microns!) that would otherwise be lost down the drain. The filters are burnable to recover the gold.


Just 1 cubic foot in size. Fits under virtually any sink. Perfect for the small- to medium-sized shop.

Simple maintenance.

Requires just 5 to 10 minutes a week to maintain. Replace the filter just once or twice a month at the cost of only $5-6.


Experience virtually no losses. FiltraGold incorporates a 10 micron disposable filter.

Quick set up.

Setup time only takes 10 to 15 minutes, right out of the box.

Recovers stones and rings.

Items lost down the sink drain can be recovered easily and within seconds from FiltraGold's removable prefilter.

Perfect for both small shops or large businesses.

The FiltraGold refiner is tailored to small shops while also accounting for the demands of larger businesses.

From $795.00

Recovery System
FILTRAGOLDFiltraGold with standard pump$795.00
FILTRADOUBLEFiltraGold with double volume pump$995.00
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