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Swiss Knife Files

Swiss Knife Files

Generally used to file in a slot or wedge shaped opening. Curved knife edge wallows for easily filing in restricted areas. Ideal for filing keyways. Tapered in width and thickness, with the knife edge having the same thickness from point to shoulder. The included angle of the sharp edge is approximately 10-1/2. Top edge is uncut.

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31.176Cut 14"$27.15
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31.174Cut 006"$24.65
31.179Cut 008"$29.05
31.175Cut 04"$25.95
31.180Cut 06"$38.95
31.181Cut 16"$32.05
31.182Cut 26"$42.15
31.183Cut 46"$38.60
31.185Cut 08"$53.70
31.186Cut 18"$44.20
31.187Cut 28"$58.00
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