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American Pattern Knife Files

American Pattern Knife Files

The file of choice by tool and die makers for filing keyways, slots and acute angles. Swiss made. Files available in Bastard Cut (00), 2nd Cut (0), Regular Cut (1), and Smooth Cut (2).

4", 6" and 8" American pattern files are only sold in quantities of 12. 10", 12" and 14" files are sold in quantities of 6.

From $63.60

32.3542nd Cut4"12$174.00
32.359SSmooth Cut4"12$181.20
32.349Bastard Cut4"12$164.40
32.350Bastard Cut6"12$78.00
32.3552nd Cut6"12$81.00
32.360Smooth Cut6"12$93.00
32.351Bastard Cut8"12$98.40
32.3562nd Cut8"12$99.60
32.361Regular Cut8"12$109.20
32.352Bastard Cut10"6$63.60
32.3572nd Cut10"6$70.20
32.362Regular Cut10"6$71.70
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