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Stasis Settling Tanks

Stasis Settling Tanks

The Most Advanced Settling Tanks Ever Built.

Looking for a way to recover the gold that you lose when washing hands? Shor invented washout recovery systems. Over the last few decades we've made significant improvements in component design, improved quality and, at the same time, brought prices down. Despite this, the basic design of our systems was so simple and effective, no one has been unable to improve on the basic design.

  • 100% recovery
  • No filters or pumps- No moving parts. No filters to replace
  • Easy cleaning- Tank parts are removable
  • Easy gold removal- All settling tanks are hard to clean & recover the gold except the Stasis! With Stasis Tanks, the compartments just slide out.
  • Comes complete with sink (but not fixtures)
The tank is typically placed under the washout sink (included) but can be located further away.


Stasis 50
Weirs 18 weirs
Size 24" x 24" X 36"H
Price Call for quote.
Stasis 100
Weirs 28 weirs
Size 48"W x 24"D X 36"H
Price Call for quote.

From $1,999.00

Stasis-5024"W x 24"D X 36"HNo$1,999.00
Stasis-10048"W x 24"D X 36"HNo$3,999.00
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