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Stainless Steel Memory Wire

Stainless Steel Memory Wire

Bead onto this thin, tempered stainless steel wire to create chokers, bracelets, anklets and rings that make a bold bead statement. Corrosion and tarnish-resistant and, like a spring, it snaps back to its original form when expanded and released. Wire diameter is .025" and comes in 1 oz. packs.


Coils Per Pack
Coil Diameter
BDC-790.10Bright195Ring0.75" 0.84"$6.95
BDC-791.10Bright75Bracelet1.75" 2.25"$6.95
BDC-792.10Bright60Large Bracelet2.25" 2.63"$6.95
BDC-793.10Bright36Necklace3.63" 4.00"$6.95
BDC-794.10Bright32Large Necklace4.00" 4.50"$6.95
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