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    Hoke & Other Soldering Torches

    • An economical answer both soldering and melting needs.

      • Requires no expensive tanks or gauges
      • Works without bottled oxygen.  Simply draws from the air that surrounds us.
      • 3 interchangable tips so you can both solder and also melt.
      • Complete torch kit includes:  Torch body, hose (4 ft. long) and all 3 tips


      SKU: 14.070

    • Orca tank regulator for 1 torchOrca tank regulator for 2 torchesOrca tank regulator for disposible propane tanks

      $47.70 to $68.90

    • Orca replacement large tipOrca replacement medium tipOrca replacement small tipOrca replacement hose (4 ft. length)

      $13.55 to $36.85

    • Precision metal melting as well as soldering, brazing and welding. Fingertip control of valves and selection of tips allow the user to select the type of flame required, from large brush to pinpoint. Valves work easily and surely, with precise mixing of gas and never any leakage. All parts are machined from solid brass stock and seamless brass tubing and are completely nickel plated. Overall length is 9". Inlets use standard 1/4" hose.


    • Expand your Hoke torch's capabilities with this precision adapter set. Ideal for all soldering, welding and melting jobs. Even fine intricate soldering, from the thinnest chains, rings, pendants and bangles; to large silver hollowware can be done quickly and easily. With these tips you get a less oxidizing flame, so less pickling is required and jewelry comes out cleaner. Changing tips takes only seconds. Please note: The adapter tips are not recommended for use with acetylene.


      SKU: 14.060

    • For natural gas


      SKU: 14.124

    • With tips, it allows the Hoke torch to product a pinpoint flame. Without tips it can be used to melt small amount of silver, gold and platinum


      SKU: 14.061

    • Please select a tip type from the options.


    • For Midget Torch. See: Midget Torch.

      $24.95 to $25.45

    • Small size and light weight make this torch ideal for jewelry welding and brazing as well as other small jobs. Can be used with oxygen and acetylene, hydrogen, natural gas, propane or butane. Control valves are conveniently positioned and hold flame adjustment precisely. comes complete with 3 tips and slop on hose connectors for 3/16". Overall length is 6-3/4".


      SKU: 14.160

    • Electronic, instant ignition torch requires only one hand to ignite and adjust flame. The easy, thumb-adjustable gas flow lever allows precision flame corrections. The torch is 6 inches tall, features a max temperature of 2370° F and a 90 minute burn. 5-3/4" tall.


      SKU: 14.214

    • Fast concentrated flame with temperatures of 4,800°F. No oxygen tank involved. Special tip design gives the right mixture of atmospheric air and fuel gas. Tips feature slip in design and seat perfectly by hand. Easily rotated to any position while flame is lit. Solid brass torch body has trouble-free needle valve. Preset regulator gives correct pressure and volume of fuel gas. Comes wtih super fine tip.


      SKU: 14.0370

    • Permits mixing of acetylene with air at the torch head, so no other source of air is necessary. Four interchangeable tips are supplied, producing a range of flame sizes from small to large, making it suitable for jewelry soldering (except very small work). and melting. the acetylene is stored in tanks as a liquid and only becomes a gas when valve is opened. Includes torch, handle, 4 tips, regulator for "B" tank and a 6' hose with fittings.


      SKU: 14.235