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Replacement Tips for Hoke Torches

Replacement Tips for Hoke Torches


Gas System
14.130Oxygen & Artificial GasPinpoint$6.00
14.131Oxygen & Artificial GasPencil$6.00
14.132Oxygen & Artificial GasSmall$6.00
14.133Oxygen & Artificial GasLarge Brush$6.00
14.136Oxygen & AcetylenePinpoint$6.00
14.137Oxygen & AcetylenePencil$6.00
14.138Oxygen & AcetyleneSmall$6.00
14.139Oxygen & AcetyleneLarge Brush$6.00
14.142Oxygen & Natural GasPencil$6.00
14.143Oxygen & Natural GasSmall$6.00
14.144Oxygen & Natural GasLarge Brush$6.00
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