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Silver Wire and Sheet

Silver Wire and Sheet

All silver wire and sheet from Shor is "Green" silver. That is, all our silver is from 100% reclaimed silver, none from mined sources.All silver wire listed is dead soft and coiled. Weight is 1/2 troy ounce for all wire.

From $15.00

B&S Gauge
MET-310.16Half Round Sterling16$24.81
MET-315.16Square Sterling16$39.95
MET-300.16Round Sterling16$39.95
MET-300.18Round Sterling18$32.95
MET-310.18Half Round Sterling18$24.81
MET-315.18Square Sterling18$39.95
MET-300.20Round Sterling20$39.95
MET-315.20Square Sterling20$39.95
MET-380.16Round Pure20$32.35
MET-380.20Sheet Sterling20$32.35
MET-310.21Half Round Sterling21$24.81
MET-300.22Round Sterling22$39.95
MET-380.22Round Pure22$32.35
MET-300.24Round Sterling24$39.95
MET-350.30Bezel Sterling28$15.00
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