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Shor Carbide Faceting Tools

The Shor no-teeth carbide tools are used primarily as practice tool substitutes for diamond tools. All the other carbide tools are used for backgrounding, texturing and for producing a uniform surface (surfacing) for the diamond tool(s) to cut. Carbides produce a "lined cut', a series of parallel lines. The tool description, such as .15mm, represents the spacing between the lines. The smaller the number, the greater the number of lines it will cut.

Shor carbide tools are made from a selected grade of tungsten carbide and are built to withstand heavy usage.


Width (mm)
Tooth Size
11.0090180° (Flat)3.0 mm0.25$99.95
11.0091180° (Flat)2.0 mm0.25$99.95
11.000990°3.0 mmNone$99.95
11.0015150°3.0 mmNone$99.95
11.000290°0.75 mm0.15$99.95
11.000590°1.0 mm0.15$99.95
11.002790°0.75 mm0.25$99.95
11.002190°1.0 mm0.25$99.95
11.004790°0.75 mm0.4$99.95
11.004190°1.0 mm0.4$99.95
11.0050Concave3.0 mm0.25$99.95
11.0060Convex3.0 mm0.25$99.95
11.0012120°3.0 mmNone$99.95
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