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    Faceting Tools & Equipment

    Faceting Tools and Equipment.
    • The Shor no-teeth carbide tools are used primarily as practice tool substitutes for diamond tools. All the other carbide tools are used for backgrounding, texturing and for producing a uniform surface (surfacing) for the diamond tool(s) to cut. Carbides produce a "lined cut', a series of parallel lines. The tool description, such as .15mm, represents the spacing between the lines. The smaller the number, the greater the number of lines it will cut.

      Shor carbide tools are made from a selected grade of tungsten carbide and are built to withstand heavy usage.


    • Precision, European-cut diamond faceting tools. The angles and sizes listed below are the common configurations. However, we can make special sizes and angles to fit your particular needs.

      Shor diamond tools are used to make bright cuts. The bigger the angle, the wider the cut. Flat and convex diamond tools are for surfacing (making a bright uniform surface). Double angle diamond tools give multiple reflections in each cut.

      What is the difference between Shor's diamond tools and all the others on the market today?

      Our diamond tools are European made by Old World craftsmen. They have important characteristics not found in cheap imitations. One of the most important differences can be seen with a loupe, an extra facet behind the cutting edge. This extra facet gives additional clearance room for the gold particles to fly away. The result is a brighter cut and a diamond that lasts much longer. A characteristic of workmanship that you will not see (unless you dismount the diamond) is that the edge of the diamond in contact with the mounting screw is hand filed rather than machine ground. The result of this extra care is a better mating surface with the tool and a longer lasting diamond. Comparisons with cheaper tools will also reveal sharper, more precisely microscopically precise) cut angles with top quality industrial diamonds. They are extremely long lived. In addition, when they relapped, they last longer before requiring additional relapping.

      $16.95 to $350.00

    • The Shor SV-12 Collet Expander is a marvelous little tool that allows an ordinary lathe to be used to texture and cut wedding bands and bangle bracelets.

      If you plan to do lathe millgraining or diamond polishing, this tool is literally indispensable. With the SV 12, a set of collets and a lathe, a whole world full of textures opens up:

      • Airscribing (laser finishes, bark finishes etc.) lathe millgraining
      • Diamond polishing
      • A very large range of textures and finishes
      • Finishes that were possible before but did not yield consistent or uniform results are now consistent, uniform and much more easily and quickly accomplished.


      SKU: SV-12

    • This tool mounts on virtually any drill press and is used in conjunction with a drill press and ring collets to:

      • Do precise channel cutting in wedding bands
      • Cut precisely spaced settings in wedding bands for stones
      • Drill precisely spaced holes in wedding bands

      Although very similar in appearance to a faceting quadrant, the Shor Ring Drilling Quadrant is used with a drill press, not a faceting machine. See also: Channel Setting Tools.


      SKU: 28.050