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SatinCast 20

SatinCast 20

The world\'s best investment for gold casting. Structural integrity, defect free castings and satin smooth finishes are achieved with Kerr\'s exclusive scientific grade formula manufactured with \"extra fine grain, zero mineralized\" cristobalite powder. SatinCast 20 satisfies the most critical caster demanding exacting tolerances. Sensitive laboratory components, aerospace parts and jewelry findings are cast with dimensional accuracy, fine details and consistency time after time.

SatinCast 20 features include:

  • Easy quench formula breaks mold away easily in cold water
  • Fin free castings
  • no water making
  • Lowest thermal shock
  • Highest permeability
  • Highest mold strength
  • Fastest 5 hour burnout
  • Highly refined powder accelerates productivity
  • Smooth, creamy consistency
  • Produces a satin smooth finish
  • Produces extra dense castings
  • Highest cubic feet per minute vacuum during the casting process
  • Designed with custom wetting agents eliminating nodules and surface tension
  • Work time @ water 72°F 9-10 minutes
  • Flask set time 11-12 minutes
  • Casts metal under 2000° F

Xtreme is designed for high temperature casting,like 18K white (up to 2000

3100933 lb Carton$36.95
07960100 lb Square Drum$86.95
25219100 lb *Xtreme$93.95
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