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Safe-D-Vest Investment Remover

Safe-D-Vest Investment Remover

Say goodbye to hydrofluoric acid forever!

Safe-D-Vest is a much safer alternative, requires no license to use. Works on both platinum investment and gold investment.

Can also be used to etch glass.  In fact, several major scientific glassware manufacturers use Safe-D-Vest for this exact purpose.

Safe-D-Vest features include:

  • Much safer than hydrofluoric acid
  • Perfect for use in ultrasonics.
  • Odors are mild, and fumeless when used in the ultrasonic.
  • A fraction  of the cost of hydrofluoric
  • Requires only 15-20 minutes to work
  • Solid crystalline form. No need to worry about spills
  • Safe-D-Vest Instructions are available online or you can email us for a copy.

From $19.95

Safe.D.Vest1Safe-D-Vest, 1 lb$19.95
Safe.D.Vest5Safe-D-Vest, 5 lb$79.95
Safe.D.Vest25Safe-D-Vest, 25 lb$349.95
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