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    Safe-D-Vest Investment Remover

    Say goodbye to hydrofluoric acid forever!

    Safe-D-Vest is a much safer alternative, requires no license to use and is about half the cost of hydrofluoric. Works on both platinum investment and gold investment.

    Safe-D-Vest features include:

    • Much safer than hydrofluoric acid

    • Perfect for use in ultrasonics.

    • Odors are mild, and fumeless when used in the ultrasonic.

    • Half the cost of hydrofluoric

    • Requires only 15-20 minutes to work

    • Solid crystalline form. No need to worry about spills

    Comes with written instructions. Safe-D-Vest Instructions are also available online.

    SKU: Safe.D.VestX
    $14.95 to $249.95

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