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Safe-D-Vest Instructions


  • Mix 4 ounces (weight) dry Safe-D-Vest with 8 ounces (fluid ounces) water. Alternatively, add Safe-D-Vest to water and stir until no more Safe-D-Vest dissolves.
  • Using an insulated solid electrical wire, suspend your platinum casting tree in a thin disposable, plastic, see-thru drinking cup. Place the cup in the bottom of an empty ultrasonic.
  • Add the Safe-D-Vest/Water mixture to the cup until the casting completely submerged. Then add regular water to the ultrasonic until the water level in the ultrasonic is just below the level of the water in the cup. Don€™t add too much water to the ultrasonic, or the cup may tip over when the casting is removed.

The solution can be reused until spent, usually 10-15 times.

When using Safe-D-Vest, use rubber gloves and eye protection.

Please refer to the Safe-D-Vest MSDS sheets for additional safety information.

Alternate Procedure

As an alternate procedure, Safe-D-Vest can be placed in a stainless steel or Pyrex pot, and the solution may be heated to a simmer. If using the Safe-D-Vest in this manner, the Safe-D-Vest will need to be discarded it each time, and a fresh solution for each new tree that you want to divest will be required.

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