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Ruby Midget Files

Ruby Midget Files

Used for high detail and ultra precision work. You can brake them off and cement onto a holder or used in a pin vise. All contain a fine grit.

From $14.70

Dimensions (mm)
10.431Fine51 mm x 1.02 mmSquare2 mm x .04 mm$14.70
10.432Fine51 mm x 1.02 mmRound2 mm x .04 mm$15.45
10.433Fine51 mm x 2 mmTriangle2 mm x .08 mm$18.40
10.434Fine102 mm x 2 mmSquare4 mm x .08 mm$36.35
10.435Fine102 mm x 2 mmRound4 mm x .08 mm$36.35
10.436Fine102 mm x 3 mmRound4 mm x .12 mm$36.35
10.437Fine51 mm x 3 mm x .03 mmFlat2 mm x .12 mm x .001 mm$18.40
10.438Fine102 mm x 4.1 mmRound4 mm x .16 mm$51.80
10.439Fine102 mm x 5.1 mm x 1.5 mmBarrette4 mm x .2 mm x .06 mm$59.45
10.441Fine102 mm x 3 mmTriangle4 mm x .12 mm$55.45
10.445FineFile Kit (All above + 2 reversible collets) mmFile Kit (All above + 2 reversible collets)File Kit (All above + 2 reversible collets) mm$310.30
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