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India Slip Stones

India Slip Stones

These hard, sharp, tough aluminum oxide stones are available in various shapes and grits. Long recognized for the clean, sharp surfaces they produce on tools, dies, blades, molds and almost any other metal piece requiring sharpening or smoothing.

From $7.90

Dimensions (mm)
10.4724" x 1/2"102 mm x 12.7 mmMediumFlat$13.35
10.4784" x 1"102 mm x 25.4 mmFineKnife$14.65
10.4794" x 1"102 mm x 25.4 mmMediumKnife$14.65
10.4854" x 3/8"102 mm x 9.5 mmMediumRound$13.95
10.4864" x 1"102 mm x 25.4 mmFineRound Edge$10.90
10.4894" x 1/4"102 mm x 6.4 mmFineSquare$9.00
10.4904" x 1/4"102 mm x 6.4 mmMediumSquare$7.90
10.4974" x 1/4"102 mm x 12.7 mmMediumSquare$7.90
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