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    Bead Stringing Boards, Containers, Sorting Trays

    Used to align beads prior to stringing. Grooves are perfectly spaced for organizing work.
    • Every beader can use the FUNStation. Great for classes or use at home because every beader needs a place to store tools, bead cord, etc. Get organized and work easier, faster and enjoy the job! The FUNStation has two shelves for storing beads, wire or anything else that one needs close at hand. The lower shelf even has a ruler attached for easy measurement! The top shelf features ten hooks for hanging carded cord, but the dowels at the top are the best feature of all. Store pliers, cutters, scissors, shears, tweezers and more right at arm's length for easy access. Made entirely of wood, the user can put additional hooks on the sides for additional storage. Each comes individually boxed with instructions and takes only a screwdriver and five minutes to assemble. Tools, bead wire, beading board, etc. not included. A heavy, solid product. Shipping weight 10 lbs.


      SKU: HOL-225.00

    • This large bead board features 10 compartments for holding beads and other beading supplies. Accommodates up to 3 strands and is a favorite. Has soft, flocked surface. 16" x 10-1/2. Marked in 1/4" increments


      SKU: BDT-113.42

    • Allows the user to design necklaces with a maximum of 28" and has 5 compartments to hold extra beads. Marked in 1/4" increments.


      SKU: BDT-100.28

    • The Multi-strand Design Board can string up to 5 strands at once, each up to 42" long. This board is our best seller and features 2 compartments and 6 center grooves to organize your beads. 211/8. x 10-1/2".


      SKU: BDT-105.42

    • The Larger Single Strand Board will accommodate up to a 40" necklace and has 6 compartments. 21-1/4 x 8".


      SKU: BDT-100.40

    • The popular 4 Row Straight Board is made for designing multi-strand necklaces up to 20" and has 6 compartments. 21-1/4 x 8"


      SKU: BDT-104.20

    • Handy trays for beads, clasps or anything small that you wish to organize. Makes carrying small parts safe and easy. Also excellent to make various small parts assortments.

      $4.95 to $9.95

    • The front edge of each compartment is rounded so beads, stones or findings can be retrieved easily. Each tray features a slide lid which cannot flip open if dropped. Excellent trays for anything you want to store.

      $6.95 to $7.95

    • A perfect organizer for beads, findings, parts and many other small craft items. Each organizer comes complete with seven storage containers (five standard size and two mini) in crystal clear plastic for easy viewing. Containers are securely held, but easily pulled out with a push of the finger. This versatile organizer can be mounted on a wall, cabinet, or edge of a work table with the two-sided tape or screws which are included. Also great portable storage as it is small enough to fit in a craft bag and sets upright on any work table.

      $2.95 to $9.99

    • Space saving convenient trays for storing small parts, beads, stones or other small objects. Each tray has a threaded bottom that securely screws to the tray below it, allowing access to any tray at any level. See-thru plastic.


    • Turn the lid to provide access to each individual compartment.

      $3.95 to $6.95

    • This is a great idea. Seed bead bottles with corks are a terrific way to display seed beads and other small beads as well as finding and little gizmos. Small, clear bottles are an excellent way to store, as well as to display and ship small articles. Each comes with a cork and is made of high quality, clear glass. Size 1/2" diameter 2" tall. Bottles are packaged in master boxes of 50 pieces per box.


      SKU: PKG-200.00

    • Available in:
      • White, for dark colors.
      • Black, for light colors.


    • The Tidy Tray is a craft/bead tray with funnel on the end for putting loose beads easily back into original containers. Allows you to sort beads with no worry about putting them back. Also excellent for any loose craft media to control mess and save time. Plug for funnel included. Size 6"x10"x1" high.


      SKU: TRA-128.00