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Every beader can use the FUNStation. Great for classes or use at home because every beader needs a place to store tools, bead cord, etc. Get organized and work easier, faster and enjoy the job! The FUNStation has two shelves for storing beads, wire or anything else that one needs close at hand. The lower shelf even has a ruler attached for easy measurement! The top shelf features ten hooks for hanging carded cord, but the dowels at the top are the best feature of all. Store pliers, cutters, scissors, shears, tweezers and more right at arm's length for easy access. Made entirely of wood, the user can put additional hooks on the sides for additional storage. Each comes individually boxed with instructions and takes only a screwdriver and five minutes to assemble. Tools, bead wire, beading board, etc. not included.  A heavy, solid product. Shipping weight 10 lbs.


SKU: HOL-225.00

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