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    Aqua Regia Refining Parts & Accessories

      • Fits within a 2 liter beaker.   Used in conjunction with a Filter Pouch.
      • When the dissolving process is complete, just lift the basket out of the beaker.  The acid will remain in the beaker but undissolved particles, stones etc. will remain behind in the basket.  Must be used with a Filter Pouch.
      • Made from ABS plastic, which holds up well, even when subjected to hot aqua regia.
      • Excellent for quick and easy swapping of e-scrap boards and chips.


      SKU: 63.601

    • These stoppers are designed to be employed when very harsh chemicals are used, and highly corrosive fumes are generated. 


      • Engineered to hold up under the harshest conditions, including concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acids, as well as highly corrosive nitric oxide fumes.
      • Excellent for use with aqua regia solution in both gold and platinum refining.
      • These stoppers are an integrated whole, assembled from a variety of machined PVC parts, ABS fittings, and Neoprene diaphragms.
      • Precision engineered, each unit requires 21 independent machining operations to manufacture.
      • Typical life expectancy of years.
      • Diaphragm forms a tight vapor seal with the edges of the beaker. It flexes to form a tight seal despite the variations in beaker dimensions from brand to brand and beaker to beaker.
      • Easily inserted and removed from the beaker.
      • Includes immersion thermometer and both male and female quick-connects for a hose connection to a scrubber (scrubber sold separately).
      • Available in two sizes.  The AR2L Beaker Stopper fits 2-liter beakers, and the AR5L fits 5-liter beakers. 

      $124.95 to $174.95

      • Range -20 to 110 Centigrade
      • Length 12”
      • Fits Shor Beaker Stoppers


      SKU: 45.694

    • The Spinbar Cage Assembly is designed for use with any magnetic stirrer.  Prevents rings, e-scrap and debris from interfering with the stir bar rotation, with minimum reduction in fluid agitation.

      • Glass mirror base provides a smooth flat surface for spin bar.
      • Cage is designed to prevent debris from interfering with the spinning action of the bar, while at the same time allowing maximum fluid agitation.
      • Because all glues deteriorate in corrosive solutions, this unit is a snap-together design.   Comes fully assembled and ready for use.
      • Manufactured from ABS plastic for maximum corrosion resistance.
      • Fits   Dissolution Basket but can be employed in any beaker.
      • 1” spin-bar included


      SKU: 45.693