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Beaker Stoppers

These stoppers are designed to be employed when very harsh chemicals are used, and highly corrosive fumes are generated. 


  • Engineered to hold up under the harshest conditions, including concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acids, as well as highly corrosive nitric oxide fumes.
  • Excellent for use with aqua regia solution in both gold and platinum refining.
  • These stoppers are an integrated whole, assembled from a variety of machined PVC parts, ABS fittings, and Neoprene diaphragms.
  • Precision engineered, each unit requires 21 independent machining operations to manufacture.
  • Typical life expectancy of years.
  • Diaphragm forms a tight vapor seal with the edges of the beaker. It flexes to form a tight seal despite the variations in beaker dimensions from brand to brand and beaker to beaker.
  • Easily inserted and removed from the beaker.
  • Includes immersion thermometer and both male and female quick-connects for a hose connection to a scrubber (scrubber sold separately).
  • Available in two sizes.  The AR2L Beaker Stopper fits 2-liter beakers, and the AR5L fits 5-liter beakers. 

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AR2L2 Liter$124.95
AR5L5 Liter$174.95
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