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    Ready Cut™ Jewelry Molding Rubber

    Castaldo® Ready Cut™ Jewelry Molding Rubber offers the ultimate in mold-making convenience.

    Made to fit most popular-sized mold frames without cutting, measuring or trimming. Each piece 1 7/8th" x 2 7/8th" x approximately 1/8th" / 4.76 cm x 7.3 cm x approximately 3 mm.

    Available in White Label® (regular/firm), Gold Label® (premium/soft), Titanium Label® (extra firm) and No Shrink Pink®.

    Lined with white cloth (White Label and No Shrink Pink) or golden colored cloth (Gold Label) on one side and blue plastic on the other side.

    Packaged in an attractive consumer-oriented box that is easy to handle, easy to sell, easy to ship and keeps the rubber neat, clean and fresh.

    $475.00 to $525.00

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