Shor Polishing Motors & Spindles

The threaded shaft motors
Back in the 1950's, shortly after Shor developed the modern polishing systems that are the basic designs for all polishing system today, we worked with Baldor to design the threaded shaft motor. Threaded shaft motor spindles run truer than spindles that are tightened with an allen key. Consequently, they run quieter, are easier to polish with, give a better finish and the motors last longer.

Motors and spindles
Motors come with switches but not with spindles. Each motor has its own unique spindle and, with only a few exceptions, the spindles from one motor are not interchangeable with any other motor. Most motors are "right hand" (RH). That means the shaft and spindle stick out from the right hand side of the motor. On the other hand (please excuse the pun), "visilapping motors" are all "left hand" (LH). Double spindle motors, of course, use both a right hand and a left hand spindle. Right hand and left hand spindles are not interchangeable.
Motor HP Volts Phase RH or LH RPM Spindle Motor# Price RH Spindle# Price LH Spindle# Price
WhirlWind ½ 110 Single Right Hand 3450 Threaded PM-516 Buy $359.05 TSR-580 Buy $19.95    
WhirlWind ½ 220 Single Right Hand 3450 Threaded PM-516.001 Buy $359.05 TSR-580 Buy $19.95    
WhirlWind ½ 110 Single Double 3450 Threaded PM-517 Buy $375.75 TSR-580 Buy $19.95 TSL-582 Buy $15.87
WhirlWind ½ 220 Single Double 3450 Threaded PM-517.001 Buy $375.75 TSR-580 Buy $19.95 TSL-582 Buy $15.87
WhirlWind ¾ 110 Single Left Hand 3450 Threaded PM-505 Buy $359.05     TSL-582 Buy $15.87
WhirlWind ¾ 110 Single Right Hand 3450 Threaded PM-507 Buy $395.52 TSR-580 Buy $19.95    
WhirlWind ¾ 220 Single Right Hand 3450 Threaded PM-507.001 Buy $395.52 TSR-580 Buy $19.95    
WhirlWind ¾ 220 Three Right Hand 3450 Threaded PM-329 Buy $392.45 TSR-580 Buy $19.95    
2 speed
¼ 110 Single Double 3450
Tapered 47.114 Buy $498.80 47.234 Buy $42.60 47.235 Buy $40.70
Variable Speed
½ 110 Single Double 3450 Threaded PM-504 Buy $626.25 TSR-580 Buy $19.95 TSL-582 Buy $15.87


WhirlWind Motor Spindles Stock# Price
Flanged Arbor, Right Hand
For holding ½ arbor hole wheels such as large rubber wheels
SCR-540 Buy $29.85
Flanged Arbor, Left Hand
For holding ½ arbor hole wheels such as large rubber wheels
SCL-542 Buy $44.78
Rotary File Adapter, Right Hand- For holding rotary files SCL-542 Buy $44.78
Tapered Spindle, Right Hand TSR-580 Buy $19.95
Tapered Spindle, Left Hand TSL-582 Buy $15.87


Spindle Mandrels
The best place to do polishing is at the polishing motor. That may seem obvious, but most jewelers, when polishing with small brushes, buffs and felts, use their flex shaft machines. Poor control, no torque, dirty and messy (not to mention the loss of gold).a flex shaft is not the ideal way to polish. Spindle mandrels screw onto your tapered spindle and accept all the little brushes, felts, buffs etc. 

  Description Type Stock# Price
Tapered Chuck for Brushes
Brushes with ⅛" holes can be threaded onto the hardened steel taper, which in turn can be threaded onto a standard tapered spindle. Handy way to use small setting brushes on a polishing motors.
Right Hand 47.258 Buy $4.00
Left Hand 47.259 Buy $4.00
Wood Hub Mandrel
Heavy duty for right side. 116" diameter screw.  For holding miniature buffs, felts, brushes etc.
Right Hand 47.260 Buy $2.80
Wood Handy Chuck
Invented by Shor in the 1950's, this chuck is still an invaluable tool for holding 332" shank brushes, stones, burs, tools etc.  Fits on any tapered spindle.
Right Hand 37.760 Buy $6.70
Small Adapter Chuck
Handy for holding small drills in larger chucks or flex shaft handpieces. With 332" shank. 1 collet. Will fit in Handy Chuck.
0-0.45" 28.215 Buy $5.90
Large Adapter Chuck
Handy for holding small drills in larger chucks or flex shaft handpieces. With 332" shank. 2 collets. Will fit in Handy Chuck.
0-0.97" 28.216 Buy $8.80

Emery Mandrels

Quantity Stock# Price
Split Mandrel
Made for use with emery paper.  2½" long with  3/32" shank to fit in flex shaft handpieces.
Straight Dozen 11.308 Buy $14.30
Tapered Dozen 11.309 Buy $12.10
Wood Arbor
Coat with adhesive and roll in abrasive to form 7" polish stick. Has ¼" arbor hole for tapered spindle mounting. Made from birch.  Also used for holding rings when polishing.
Dozen 11.266 Buy $19.70
Split Wood Mandrel
Slot hold emery paper so it can be wound around mandrel to desired thickness and secured with rubber band.
Dozen 11.306 Buy $19.90
Snap on Mandrel
High quality steel with  3/32 " shank.  For use with snap-on sanding disks.
Each 10.740 Buy $2.40


Foredom Motors
  For applications where high speed or variable speed are required.  These machines are like powerful, bench mounted flex shaft machines.    See also:  Flex Shaft Machines,   MicroMotors
BL Motor
A powerful variable speed bench motor in a compact size suitable for use at the workbench.  High torque, 1/6 hp permanently lubricated & sealed magnet motor.  Ball bearing, variable speed from 500-7,000 rpm with solid state control. Heavy duty cast iron base with 4 mounting holes.  Power on/off light in base.  6' grounded power cord.  Comes complete with TM-3 and TM-4 tapered spindles for felts wheels and buffs, a CHA-4 arbor spindle and a screwdriver.
Motor Stock# Price
BL Motor 110V M-10930 Buy $199.00
BL Motor 220V M-10932 Buy $199.00
Spindles for BL Motors
With ¼" diameter holes and 2 set screws for use on ¼" shafts
  Spindle Stock# Price
Tapered Spindle Right Hand A-TM4 Buy $10.00
Tapered Spindle Left Hand A-TM3 Buy $10.00
Chuck Arbor with Key
opens to 5⁄32"
A-JCA-1 Buy $41.00
Wheel Mandrel Right Hand A-WM-6 Buy $14.00
Wheel Mandrel Left Hand A-WM-5 Buy $14.00
Collet Holder 3⁄32" A-CHA-1 Buy $20.00
Collet Holder ½" A-CHA-4 Buy $20.00

Is it a flex shaft machine or is it a bench motor? With the Flexade, you can convert your polishing motor into a flex shaft machine.  Any standard handpiece (except 25H, 30H, 44H and 9D) can be attached to the flexade. When ordering, be sure to specify the correct stock number for your motor's shaft.
Coupling Standard Sheath ($26) Neoprene Sheath ($27)
¼" S.BO-14 Buy S.BO-14N Buy
½" S.BO-12 Buy S.BO-12N Buy
⅜" S.BO-38 Buy S.BO-38N Buy
516" S.BO-516 Buy S.BO-516N Buy

Grobet Variable Speed Multi-Grinder & Flexible Shaft

  A new multi-purpose 1/8 hp machine, with variable speeds from 0 to 10,000 RPM.      For other flex shaft machines. see also:  Flex Shaft Machines,   MicroMotors
  • Can be used as a carver, grinder, sander, polisher, buffer, etc.
  • Includes, 31" long flexible shaft and handpiece which fits comfortably in your hand.
  • The handpiece accepts a large variety of accessories with 1/8" shaft.
  • Supplied with two ¾" x 3" wheels, one grinding and one polishing.
  • Supplied with 3 collets- 18", 3/32" & 1/16".
  • Measures: 8" W x 4¾" D x 6½" H.
Motor Stock# Price
Multi-Grinder  47.0215 Buy $99.00
Replacement Polishing Wheel 47.0216 Buy $5.95
Replacement Grinding Wheel  17.01220 Buy   $2.20

3M Spindle Adaptors & Wheel Adaptors
Made for use with 3M products but adaptable to other large-hole wheels as well.

Wheel Hole Spindle / Arbor Stock# Price
…œ" Tapered Spindle Mount Adaptor 10.3541 Buy $3.10