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LiquaCast Ultra

LiquaCast Ultra

Extremely tough, strong and tear resistant. LiquaCast Ultra 0% shrinkage liquid RTV rubber is even easier to work with because of it's simple 1:1 mix ratio EITHER BY WEIGHT OR BY VOLUME. Like Liqua-Cast original, is easy to mix, easy to pour and easy to vacuum because of its very low viscosity it is as liquid as cream. 0% shrinkage liquid RTV is a firmer rubber is ideal for delicate and difficult to inject patterns. Firmer rubber means less pattern distortion during injection. Small channels will not be squeezed closed during injection, resulting in patterns that are not filled completely. Great for filigree!Produces molds with a mirror finish. Shiny rubber surface means bright, shiny waxes. Its extreme durability means that difficult molds last and last and are less likely to break or tear in use.Bright orange in color and is packaged in plastic containers in two-part kits weighing 1 Kg., 8Kg. and 20 Kg.

LiquicastU21 Kilo$68.90
LiquicastU88 Kilo$179.95
LiquicastU2020 Kilo$395.00
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