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    Ring Holding and Link & Loop Pliers

    • Large, grooved, semicircular jaws hold rings during filing or polishing. With box joint. Overall length 5-1/2".


      SKU: 46.038

    • With vinyl cushioned handles.


      SKU: 46.0057

    • These are much need tools which open split rings easily. Just put the tooth jaw between the overlapping split ring and squeeze. The split ring pops open, ready for the user to put on chains, etc.

      $7.95 to $8.45

    • Jaws open when handles are squeezed. For opening bows, links and rings. Spring in handle keeps pliers closed. These are special-joint, heavy-duty pliers. Overall length is 5-3/4".


      SKU: 46.303

    • An easy-to-use tweezer for opening small to medium split rings. Just put the split ring under the claw and squeeze. It1/2s simple and fast. Tweezers are stainless steel and only 4-1/2 long.


      SKU: TWZ-608.00

    • Why use a bulky, awkward plier for placing and closing jump rings when you can use this new model. Because the jaws come to a point and are nicely grooved, you can close jump rings without scratching the ring itself. This plier also allows the user to get into tight places and hold the jump ring for soldering


      SKU: PLR-260.55