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    GXL, GS & GT Electronic Gold & Platinum Testers

    These electronic Tester operate on ordinary household current and can also be run on batteries (requires two 9 volt batteries, not included). Replacement consumables include the conductive gel tube and the Pro cleaning solution.

    We carry 2 different categories of electronic Tester: Direct Reading electronic Tester and Chart Reading Tester. They all work similarly.

    Direct Reading GXL Electronic Gold & Platinum Tester
    These testers give you a direct L.E.D. reading of what the karat is. So, for example, if the karat of jewelry you are testing is 14K, it will show "14K" on the L.E.D. display. This can be quite useful when buying jewelry from the public or when, when selling, you feel the need to show customers that the karat stamped on your jewelry is the true karat.The GXL electronic Tester come complete with written instructions.

    Chart Reading GT Electronic Gold & Platinum Tester
    To use these Tester, you must compare the numerical L.E.D. reading with a chart that is printed on the tester. These Tester have two advantages; They are somewhat more sensitive than the Direct Read Tester and they are also significantly less expensive. Their disadvantage is that you have to look at a chart to get your result..The GT electronic Tester come complete with written instructions.

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    $345.00 to $725.00