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Precious Metal Test Acids

Precious Metal Test Acids

Scratch testing is one of the oldest methods known to man for testing the karat of gold. In experienced hands, a scratch test is sensitive to within about +/- 1/2 karat or about 2%. In the hands of a novice, sensitivity is more likely to be about +/-1-2 karat. These are the test acids only, but also available on the Shor website are test stones, test needles and complete kits. Kits come with instructions Gold Scratch Test Instructions

The complete kits are for testing gold, silver and platinum. They come with gold test needles, wooden case, test acids and a scratch stone.

Unlike most test solutions, which are manufactured in India, these test solutions are made in the USA and stored under refrigeration so that you get the freshest, longest lasting solutions available on the market today.

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TestAcid10Gold Test Acid, 10 K$3.50
TestAcid14Gold Test Acid, 14 K$3.50
TestAcid18Gold Test Acid, 18 K$3.50
TestAcidSilverSilver Test Acid$3.50
TestAcidPlatPlatinum Test Acid / Gold Test Acid, 22 K$3.50
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