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Guillotine Shears 12"

Guillotine Shears 12"

Guillotine shears are designed to cut flat stock cleanly with a minimum of bending.  These shears will cut non-ferrous metals up to 2.4 mm (10 gauge) or mild steel up to 1.6 mm.  The high carbon steel blades are precision ground and hardened-  designed to make 10,000 cuts before sharpening is required.  Both shears have the following features:

  • Exclusive lever-action locking bar holds the material securely for precision cuts.
  • Lever-action locking bar also restricts the access to blades, reducing the risk of accidental injury.
  • Easy to read, adjustable ruler with cutting guide
  • Square work surface
  • Open back designed with a convenient receiving table to catch cut metal and to allow for any length of sheet.
  • All steel constructions, mount to any work surface.
  • Feed tray, handle and cutting guide removable for storage.
  • Made in Europe.

The 12" guillotine shear cuts metal up to 12" wide.  Requires 19-3/4" x 39-3/4" bench space.  Base to blade has 1/2" clearance. 

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