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Eurotool Jump Ring Maker System

Eurotool Jump Ring Maker System

The combination of our Quick Coiler with coiling mandrels and the Jump Ringer Cutting system allows you to make hundreds of jump rings in just minutes.

This package includes the power coiling drill-no handle to crank.

Easy and safe to use. Simply coil the wire on the mandrel using the power coiling drill. Then insert the coil in the coil holder. Use the included cutting attachment and blade with your flex shaft (#30 style handpiece recommended) to cut precision jump rings in the wire and color of your choice.Please note that this kit requires a flex shaft machine to cut the jump rings.

Kit includes drill, eight 6" long mandrels in sizes 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm, 6" coil holder, and cutting attachment with blade and blade arborThese products are non-stock items.

jmp-152.00Jump Ring Maker$295.00
jmp-150.50Blade Only$19.95
jmp-150.10Coil Cutter and Holder Only$279.00
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