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Pepe Jump Ring Maker System

The new Jump Ring Maker system allows the user the option of making jump rings by using either the hand winding, Jacobs chuck or a standard Jacobs style hand piece on a flexible shaft motor. A standard Jacobs style hand piece is also provided in the set. 20 Inner core winding rods range from 2-1/2 mm to 12-1/2 mm in diameter. The coiled wire holder is designed for cutting the wire with a separating cutting disc using a flexible shaft tool. All accessories are attractively placed on a wooden base for easy placement and storage.Includes blade. Please note that this kit requires a flex shaft machine to cut the jump rings.

Size: 12-1/2" L x 8-1/2" D
Weight10 lbs.

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307.70AJump Ring Maker$225.00
307.20Blade Only$12.50
307.26PBlade Arbor Only$11.00
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