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Inside Ring Engraver

Inside Ring Engraver

Engraves the inside of rings. Automatically centers ring in clamping jugs. Engraving and spacing is synchronized and easy. The diamond insert produces a hand engraved effect. Single dial produces block letters with heights of 1 mm & 2 mm. Holds rings from sizes 19mm to 30 mm.Comes with letter dial, diamond engraving tip and 5 brass sample rings.

Shipping weight 15 lbs.

From $60.80

26.850Grobet Inside Ring Engraver comes with 2 sided Continuous Script type dial for both narrow and wide rings.1$825.00
26.389Diamond Insert1$60.80
26.540Practice Brass Rings (package of 25) priced per ring25$62.50
26.841Standard English Block Font1$140.00
26.842Small English Block Font1$135.00
26.843Standard English Script Font1$165.00
26.845Greek Font1$117.00
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