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End Type (Port Polisher) Wire Brushes on Mandrels

End Type (Port Polisher) Wire Brushes on Mandrels

Straight bristles are .0035" thick. Lightly crimped bristles are .003". Crimped bristles are .005. Sold and priced by the dozen.

For cleaning, polishing and producing special finishes. Precision made, excellent quality. Use brass on yellow metals such as gold, copper and brass. Use steel on white metals such as platinum and aluminum. Straight or lightly crimped wire produces a more pronounced finish and is used for cleaning, deburring and surface finishing. Crimped wire achieves a softer or matte finish.

From $9.05

Brush Diameter
Brush Length
Arbor Diameter
16.9273/16" 1/4"CrimpedBrass3/32"$11.75
16.9303/16" 1/4"CrimpedBrass1/8"$9.05
16.9403/16" 1/4"Lightly CrimpedSteel3/32"$15.00
16.9413/16" 1/4"CrimpedSteel3/32"$11.75
16.9433/16" 1/4"Lightly CrimpedSteel1/8"$16.05
16.9443/16" 1/4"CrimpedSteel1/8"$16.05
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