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Decorated Parcel Boxes for Jewelry

Decorated Parcel Boxes for Jewelry

Show them you've created the perfect gift. Put it in the perfect box.

From $26.95

PKG-510.001-7/8"x 1-1/4"x 5/8"Gold100$49.00
PKG-511.002-1/8"x 1-5/8"x 3/4"Gold100$49.00
PKG-512.002-5/8"x 1-1/2"x1"Gold100$49.00
PKG-513.003-1/2"x 2-1/4"x1"Gold100$69.00
PKG-514.003-1/2"x 3-1/2"x1"Gold100$79.00
PKG-515.008-1/8" x 1-7/8" x 7/8 "Gold100$79.00
PKG-518.007-1/8" x 5-1/8" x 7/8 "Gold50$49.50
PKG-530.001-7/8"x 1-1/4"x 5/8"Silver100$49.00
PKG-531.002-1/8"x 1-5/8"x 3/4"Silver100$49.00
PKG-532.002-5/8"x 1/2"x1"Silver100$49.00
PKG-533.003-1/4"x 2-1/4"x1"Silver100$69.00
PKG-534.003-1/2"x 3-1/2"x1"Silver100$79.00
PKG-535.0071/8" x 1-7/8" x 7/8 "Silver100$79.00
PKG-538.007-1/8" x 5-1/8" x 7/8 "Silver50$49.50
PKG-520.0020 ea. of 3 smaller sizes 10 ea. of 3 larger sizesGold Assortment100$26.95
PKG-540.0020 ea. of 3 smaller sizes 10 ea. of 3 larger sizesSilver Assortment100$26.95
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