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Basic Black Trays and Cases

Basic Black Trays and Cases

The high contrast and sophistication of black gets results in sales. The vibrant black velvet of the trays and cases in this popular line prove that impressive and effective displays need no be expensive. the 8 items in this line include trays and cases for 12, 24, 36 and 72 rings. Cases are wood, covered in textured black vinyl, with simply designed metal latches. Slotted black foam under the velvet inserts holds rings firmly in place. covers are lined in black satin. Trays have decorative gold tooling around the edges.

From $14.65

61.50212 Ring Tray$14.65
61.50424 Ring Tray (8-1/4"x4-5/8")$16.45
61.50636 Ring Tray (8-1/4"x7-1/4")$22.30
61.50872 Ring Tray$35.00
61.51212 Ring Case$26.20
61.51424 Ring Case$37.95
61.51636 Ring Case$47.55
61.51872 Ring Case$70.85
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