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Colour Shapers

Colour Shapers

Our New Colour Shapers are excellent to sculpt and add incredible effects to Metal Clay work. Somewhere between a brush, a palette knife, a modeling tool and your fingers, the # 6 Shapers are made with soft, flexible, silicon tips for subtle detailing or broad strokes. Easy to clean and long lasting. Offered in 5 shapes with color coded hardwood handle.

From $8.95

Style (color)
BRS-896.01Tapered Chisel (Red)$8.95
BRS-896.02Rounded Cup Chisel (Green)$8.95
BRS-896.03Cup Chisel (Yellow)$8.95
BRS-896.04Flat Chisel (Orange)$8.95
BRS-896.05Angled Chisel (Blue)$8.95
BRS-896.09Complete Set of 5 (Complete Set of 5)$28.95
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