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    • Graduated by minutes.


      SKU: 21.791

    • Say goodbye to hydrofluoric acid forever!

      Safe-D-Vest is a much safer alternative, requires no license to use and is about half the cost of hydrofluoric. Works on both platinum investment and gold investment.

      Safe-D-Vest features include:

      • Much safer than hydrofluoric acid

      • Perfect for use in ultrasonics.

      • Odors are mild, and fumeless when used in the ultrasonic.

      • Half the cost of hydrofluoric

      • Requires only 15-20 minutes to work

      • Solid crystalline form. No need to worry about spills

      Comes with written instructions. Safe-D-Vest Instructions are also available online.

      $14.95 to $249.95

    • 50 lb drum. An excellent invest at a good price. Can be UPS shipped. No minimum order required.


      SKU: 21.0843/50

    • Used in the process of making metal molds.

      Rapid Stone features include:

      • Produces detailed artifacts
      • Quick set (1 hour)


      SKU: RapidStone

    • Shor Lok-Blok Metal Mold Making System makes metal molds that are the same dimensions as standard rubber molds. The process is simple (though somewhat time consuming) and requires no skills.

      Why use metal molds? Metal molds give a sharpness of detail that is absolutely impossible to achieve with rubber molds (even when the rubber molds are injected by a vacuum wax injector). In addition, if you are thinking of upgrading to plastic injection, only metal molds can be used. Metal molds are most commonly used for detailed charms, class rings, and wherever razor sharp detail and consistent weight are desirable. Mold to the right is an example of a multi-piece metal mold made over 50 years ago with an old fashioned cylindrical mold frame. Although used for many years, this mold is still as perfect as it was when it was first made.

      The following items are required to make metal molds.
      The heart of the system (other than the instructions, is the Lok-Blok Mold Frame. This frame can also be used for making excellent rubber molds with no packing. Please note that you may already have many of these items or may wish to purchase some of them (like the lacquer and remover) locally.


      $8.50 to $29.95

    • Accurate, yet economical. Scale weighs in 2 ounce increments. Easy to read red and black numerals on 4" dial indicate weight as well as water/investment ratios. Includes scoop


      SKU: 21.773

    • Dial shows proper water/investment ratios.


      SKU: 21.775

    • Large pan.


      SKU: 21.77501

    • $4.25 to $21.75