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    Crucibles, Stirring Rods, Melting Fluxes, Tongs

    • Centrifugal Casting Crucibles

      Made of fused silica with a clay bond which will last through many meltings. Designed for centrifugal casting metal with melting temperatures up to 2500

      $11.40 to $28.10

    • Graphite Melting Crucibles

      These resistant crucibles withstand heat up to 3,000° F and are more tolerant of thermal shock than fused silica.

      $27.60 to $88.75

    • Fused Silica Melting Dishes

      Made of clay bonded fused silica for melting temperatures up to 2800

      $5.95 to $27.60

    • Fused Silica Melting Dishes for Torch

      Well suited for melting with a torch. Made of clay bonded fused silica for melting temperatures up to 2800°F. Can be used with handle # 22.798.

      $15.20 to $15.75

    • Fused Silica Melting Crucibles

      Made of clay bonded fused silica for melting temperatures up to 2500

      $13.15 to $22.90

    • Burno Melting Crucibles

      Their protective heat holding covers make them efficient for melting with a torch. An excellent choice when melting bench sweeps or gold in powder form. For use with Burno Tongs. 100 dwt. capacity.


      SKU: 22.757

    • Wesgo Melting Dishes

      For platinum.

      $31.40 to $40.40

    • Stirring Rods

      Made of graphite.

      $7.95 to $0.00

    • Casting Fluxes

    • Borax Flux

      Controls oxidation during the melting process by forming a glass that both covers the metal and causes metal oxides to stick to it. 16 ounces.


      SKU: BORAX

    • Boric Acid Flux

      Good deoxidizer. Can be mixed with borax or used alone. When using with pure graphite crucibles, should be used sparingly. 16 ounces.


      SKU: BORIC

    • Casting Additives

    • Nu Cast

      Gives old scrap gold new luster. Used during the melting process when casting to revitalize old scrap yellow gold. There's no flux needed and it helps eliminate porosity due to oxidation. One bottle makes 2 oz, which will cast approximately 800 dwt. of gold.


      SKU: CAS-100.00

    • Re-Cast-It

      Add Re-Cast-It when casting old or scrap gold to achieve a bright yellow, porosity free casting. Increases fluidity of old metal, while eliminating reddish surface discoloration. One jar casts approximately 800 dwt. of gold.


      SKU: 22.607

    • Crucible and Flask Tongs

    • Bent Nose Crucible Tongs

      For holding crucibles as well as picking up hot objects. 19" long.


      SKU: 57.066

    • Crucible and Flask Tongs

      For picking up crucibles and 1-1/2" diameter flasks. 19" long.


      SKU: 57.080

    • Burno Crucible Tongs

      For Burno crucibles. 10-1/2" long.


      SKU: 57.060

    • Flask Tongs

      For lifting small and large flasks to and from oven. 15" long.


      SKU: 57.068

    • Flask Tongs with Pins

      For perforated flasks only! Pins engage holes in perforated flasks, making for more secure holding. 15" long.


      SKU: 57.069

    • Crucible, Flask, and Assay Tongs

    • Short Neck, Steel Crucible and Assay Tongs

      With serrated tips. 9" length.


      SKU: 57.085