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Replacement Parts for Vacuum Investing & Casting Machine

Replacement Parts for Vacuum Investing & Casting Machine

Vacuum pump replacement parts, crucibles and oil

From $11.10

Replacement Part
21.802Adapter plate for 3" flasks$137.70
21.803Adapter plate for 4" flasks$93.10
21.811Vacuum Pump Oil (1 gallon)$69.00
21.808Vacuum Pump Oil (1 quart)$20.75
21.810Black Investing Gasket$27.60
21.813Red Silicon flask Seal for 3" flask$22.65
21.814Red Silicon flask Seal for 4" flask$15.75
21.817Red Silicon flask Seal for 5" flask$26.15
21.818Bell Jar$170.00
22.798Replacement Handle$11.10
22.791Melting dish w/handle$27.60
22.793Melting dish only$20.00
22.795Melting dish only (400 dwt.)$21.00
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