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Brass & Fiber Mallets

Brass & Fiber Mallets

From $10.10

Head Type
Head Length
Head Weight
Face Diameter
37.530Brass Head2"2 oz.1/2"$10.10
37.0181Brass/Fiber2"2 oz.1/2"$13.25
37.534Detachable Brass/Fiber2"2-1/2 oz.2"$17.50
37.536Detachable Brass/Nylon2"2-1/2 oz.2"$17.50
37.582Detachable Brass/Fiber2-5/8"5 oz.2-5/8"$26.50
37.584Detachable Brass/Nylon2-5/8"5 oz.2-5/8"$26.50
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