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Bombino Gold Recovery System

This system is designed to recover gold from all precious metal bearing cyanide waters, including: plating solutions, bombing solutions and stripping solutions.

Capacity: 3-1/2 gallons.


Connect your rectifier or car battery charger to the Bombino. Connect the wire marked with a + to the + (positive) connection on your rectifier or battery charger and the wire marked with a - to the corresponding - (minus) connection on your rectifier or battery charger.

It is important that you do not make the error of reversing the wires or you will dissolve your collection foil.


Pour your cyanide waters into the Bombino. You can pour in as much as 3-1/2 gallons or as little as 1 gallon. Turn on your rectifier or battery charger. If using a rectifier, turn the variable knob up all the way. If using a battery charger with a fast or boost charge, set it at the continuous charge, not the boost.

Run the system 16 hours. Use Detection Pills to determine that all the gold is out of solution. For safe disposal of the waste cyanide waters, follow the procedure explained in the accompanying scientific paper.

Inside the collection chamber is a roll of electrolytic foil. The metal will have plated out onto the collection foil. To recover the metal, you will remove the foil. Recovery of metal does not need to be done each time you run the system, but it should be checked at least once in every 10 gallons that are run in the Bombino to make sure that it has not become so loaded with metal that the metal is threatening to come in contact with the stainless steel anode (contact would cause a short circuit).

When ready to recover the foil, unplug the pump and unscrew the chamber€™s cap. You will see the collection foil roll in the chamber. The inside of the foil will be covered with karat gold.

Unclip the foil from the black alligator clip. Take out the foil and replace it with a new electrolytic foil. The gold plated foil can now be melted to make a gold ingot. For greatest recovery, refine this metal in the Simplicity Refining System. When finished with the Bombino, fill the tank with fresh water and run the Bombino'€™s pump for a few minutes. This will serve to remove cyanide residues from the pump and greatly extend its life.

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