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    Beading Tweezers, Pliers & Shears

    Pearl & Bead Tweezers

    See also: Pearl Drilling Vise.

    • Tips are cup shaped to hold small round objects. Great bead handling tool. Nicely rounded ends on sturdy nickel tweezers will make handling almost any size bead easier.


      SKU: TWZ-620.00

    • New bead tweezers designed specifically for sorting and handling beads and delicate pearls. The shank is high grade stainless for a light touch with excellent grip.


      SKU: TWZ-104.50

    • Excellent price.


      SKU: 57.0346

    • Tips are cup-shaped to hold small round objects. Swiss made.


      SKU: 57.641

    • Beading Pliers & Nippers

    • This is a cord cutter shaped perfectly to cut close in all beading situations. Made of tempered steel, this tool cuts flush, and, if used properly, will last for years. Our cutter features a return spring and cushion grips. Not intended for anything but cord and the very softest of wires. Overall length of 5-1/4".


      SKU: SHR-170.00

    • $13.95 to $14.95

    • Now you can crimp any crimp bead of "medium" size (2mm-3mm) and various shapes- quick and easy! The Dual EuroCrimper has two forming cavities for round, tube and combination crimps of slightly varying sizes. But wait- the new, true ergonomic handles give you a great grip, too, because they are made from sanoprene (a special compound) with excellent surface tack. Like our other patented crimpers, EuroCrimper jaws are precision machined for years of service and beautiful results every time. With a little practice, you'll be able to match the right cavity with the right crimp every time. For best results, use with Shor crimping beads. 5-1/4" length.


      SKU: PLR-582.00

    • Xuron cutters are made in the U.S. specifically for precision applications.Xuron uses modern technology to make pliers and cutters of induction hardened tool steel.Gentle return springs and comfort grips assure hours of fatigue free use.Xuron engineering allows small cutters to do the job that would normally require much larger pliers.These are right angle shear cutters, it so they do not easily dull or break like most cutters.

      The Maxi Shear is a full flush cutter with shear action blades, which barely pass as they cut so not to dull. Made of high-grade carbon steel with PVC grips, the Maxi Shear will cut soft wire up to 14 gauge (1.6 mm/0.64"). Total length of this cutter is 6-1/2".

      $14.65 to $21.80

    • Made originally for the electronics trade, this plier gives the user precise surgeon-like control. Slim (only 3/16" x 1/8" at the hinge pin) and ultra light, Micro Mini pliers are outstanding for delicate jobs and are especially popular with the beading industry. 5" in overall length. Box joint construction, stainless steel and curved comfort-designed cushioned handles. Serrated (cut jaw).

      Available in: serrated jaw PLR-580.00 and needle nose, bead knotting jaw PLR-580.60.


      $5.95 to $6.95

    • This plier gives the user precise surgeon-like control. Slim (only 3/16" x 1/2" at hinge pin) and ultra light. Length 5-1/2". Box joint construction, stainless steel with curved, comfort designed cushioned handle give the Bead Knotting plier an appeal that's hard to resist.


      SKU: PLR-580.60

    • This unique plier, recently developed, is an essential for bead stringers and wire wrappers because it is a multi-task tool. It offers a round nose for coiling wire, a flat jaw for flattening, straightening or bending at right angles, a groove for closing coils or jump rings and side cutter. This 4-1/2" plier has a gentle coil return spring and a cushion grip handles for comfort. Material is stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion


      SKU: PLR-577.00

    • Just a few easy steps will transform a 2 mm crimp into a round bead. These crimpers were created specifically for use with 2 mm sterling silver and gold-filled tubular crimp beads and 0.19 or 0.14" flex wire.