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Xuron Flush Cut Wire Cutters

Xuron cutters are made in the U.S. specifically for precision applications. Xuron uses modern technology to make pliers and cutters of induction hardened tool steel. Gentle return springs and comfort grips assure hours of fatigue free use. Xuron engineering allows small cutters to do the job that would normally require much larger pliers. These are right angle shear cutters, it so they do not easily dull or break like most cutters.

The Maxi Shear is a full flush cutter with shear action blades, which barely pass as they cut so not to dull. Made of high-grade carbon steel with PVC grips, the Maxi Shear will cut soft wire up to 14 gauge (1.6 mm/0.64"). Total length of this cutter is 6-1/2".

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PLR-469.10Straight Jaw$17.25
PLR-469.11Thin, Beveled Jaw$21.80
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